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        Meli & The Specs
        Manic Street Preachers (S 7”)
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        Denitia - “Forever”
        Tribeca Film Festival

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        No Dignity
        Resembles Heaven
        Plenty For Us To Kill
        Lift Yrself
        A Bad Toothache
        Sold in Miami for Big Bucks
        Sounds of the Days Ahead
        Error Breeds Sense
        Everything Melts
        Hoard Antibiotics
        Stockpile Lentils
        Boom Gone Bust
        Settle for Lasting Infamy
        Whatever Happened?
        Kind of Cult Mysticism
        Mejor Ser Rich Que Poor
        Pleasures Accumulate
        All is ill
        Call It an Empire
        How Mercurial Is Life
        No Guts, No Glory

        Sink or Swim #1
        Sink or Swim #2
        Memories Beget Memories

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Tribeca TV Festival

Stories are driven by feeling and emotion. They are better when they are shared.

The Tribeca TV Festival was created in 2017 as an extension of the Tribeca Film Festival, dedicated exclusively to storytelling on television. The TV Festival hosted panels with television personalities, as well as season premiere screenings and new show releases.

The identity speaks to the emotions evoked by stories, while at the same time presenting the act of watching TV as a contained (personal, in some way) experience. It's through the television that these stories are conveyed, but it's the viewer who translates them into feelings These feelings are addressed through textural imagery that fills up the logo.


"Better together" was the main concept upon which the campaign for the first TV Festival was built. The idea was to address what is unique about storytelling on television, and the way these stories are watched. As binge watching has become a driving trend in TV consumption, as well as the socialization of the experience by means of forums and social media, the Festival wanted to invite audiences to join a communal experience around television.

Most of the launch campaign was conducted via social media. Through various official Tribeca media channels, people were asked the question "What is your TV?". The most unique answers were made into posters, which were posted on social media, and printed in some cases.

The visual system was designed to make the production of these seamless: the layout was a fixed structure; it was the typeface and the abstract imagery in the logo that changed, according to what the written content was.

The typeface variation was also used throughout other brand applications, including animations and badges.